Thursday, July 18, 2013

Kink End - Intro to Power Exhchange w/ Darr

Curvy and Darr chat about power exchange.

KinkEnd - Intro to Sensation Play W/ Darr

Curvy & Darr_Syn chat about sensation play.

Sex Talk with Curvy - KinkEnd - Columbia Erotic Power Exchan

Curvy chats with Michael from the Columbia Erotic Power Exchange. Her local kinky group. So fun and virtual spankings will occur.

Sex Talk with Curvy - KinkEnd - Chat with the BDSM Coach

Curvy chats about BDSM with the BDSM Coach.

Sex Talk with Curvy - KinkEnd - Chat with a Sadist

Curvy chats with Darr_Syn, a self identified sadist.

Sex Talk with Curvy - Kink End - Chat with a Submissive

Curvy chats with a fun, sexy submissive.

Sex Talk with Curvy - Gender Identity

Curvy chats with Karin about gender identity and transition.

Sex Talk with Curvy - Breast Cancer

Curvy chats with two fabulous (and sexy) breast cancer survivors. These ladies kicked Breast Cancers Ass and come to chat with us about how they did it!

Sex Talk with Sean Pierre

Curvy chats with erotic poet Sean Pierre about his work.